Mekong Delta

Vietnam is a culinary world and the Mekong Delta brings its own unique flavors. The abundance of rice and crops means everything when visitors will delve into a world of noodle soups, minced pork and pate wrapped in banana leaves, rice paper rolls stuffed with pineapple, banana, lettuce and basil or pancakes with coconut milk, ginger, peas and shrimps. Therefore Mekong Delta is considered a foodie heaven from rice products to plentiful tropical fruits and schools of fishes as well.

Mekong Delta is considered as the well-famous as the “Rice bowl” of Vietnam, Mekong Delta River brings the magic inside that appeals all those who have come to this immense land.

Mekong Delta River is highlighted by lush orchards overflowing with tropical fruit, floating markets and villages built on stilts but it’s really the locals who warmly call the Mekong home. The Vietnamese are hospitable, kind and resilient people so there are plenty of opportunities for tourists to socialize with the locals and get in touch with local culture. The area is deeply rural, but it's also one of Vietnam's most densely populated regions. The people in this region are made up of Vietnamese and people of Cham, Khmer and Chinese as well origin that accounts for the variety of religions that add to the cultural diversity of this delta. Being not a big area, but there are various types of religions practiced here including Buddhism, Catholicism, Cao Dai, Hoa Hao and Islam.